1. Always seek to minimize the harm you do. Always investigate the ethical implications of your actions.

2. Do your best to ensure the continuity of the human species and the biodiversity around you at the highest standard of living possible.

3. Do your best to ensure that everyone is granted the same maximal schema of basic rights and liberties compatible with the same schema for everyone else.

4. Always demand rational justification in consideration of all available facts before accepting any claim. Always remind yourself that you are biased. Try to identify your biases and correct your estimation of the situation accordingly.

5. Remind yourself: You are a part of the universe – asking yourself questions about yourself, others and this universe you live in – you are a part of nature reflecting on itself. Be that as best you can by learning, enlightening others and expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

6. Beware of ideologies, rituals, and placing value on symbols – in all cases.

7. Be reflective of your preconceptions – where they are met with criticism, distance yourself emotionally from them and assess them as critically as you can. Only if they withstand
even the most critical inquiry are you justified in continuing to employ them.

8. For every question we have about the world there are a multitude of legitimate routes of inquiry – consider all. For every scientific discipline you study, study what academic philosophy has to say about it. For every philosophical discipline you study, study what science has to say about it.
Try not just to expand our knowledge – try to unify it.

9. Meaning is not found – it is created. Only you can make this life meaningful for yourself – but you won’t be able to do so alone. Turn not to myth and fantasy – turn to friends and family, for what you can find in them is what you can give to them: Meaning … everything.

10. Try to be patient with others – or you’ll become bitter. Yes, the world can be a crazy a place – but one more embittered cynic isn’t going to make it better for anyone.

I did not come up with these on my own. This is the result of an extensive online search for “atheist 10 commandments.” I found a lot of others, but they all seemed really bitter against religion. I wanted something that spoke to an ethical, reasonable person, no matter what their background. THIS is a good set of commandments, one that I wouldn’t mind finding in a Court.