I got this idea from another blogger, and it got me all fired up to do one of my own. It’s nice to have a visual sometimes, and to see my goals laid out and organized. So here goes, my dream homestead:

To start, I would like 10-15 acres of partially wooded land.

I would like a small, earth sheltered home. Something 600-800 square feet would be perfect.

Of course, we will eventually need a workshop.

A greenhouse with a little pond and plenty of room for year-round herbs, vegetables, and citrus.

A large chicken coop and run filled with dual-purpose chickens, like Buff Orpingtons.

A few lawnmowers of the Kinder variety, also handy for milk and meat.

A rabbitry with some New Zealand Whites for meat and pelts.

Some little weaners to til up the garden plots and sell for meat.

Speaking of the garden, I’d like to have at least 4 garden plots in rotation. Lots of veggies and fruits to eat and preserve!

I would love to have my own little orchard filled with apples, peaches, pears, quince, raspberries, stawberries, currants, and blackberries.

What good would an orchard be without an army of pollinators? All that free honey is a great perk, too.

Since I am all about being prepared and we’ll be heating with wood, I would want at least a two year supply of firewood on hand at all times.

Of course, since I am dreaming here, the homestead would be completely off the grid. Our water would be pumped using a windmill and a large reservoir. Our power would be supplied through PV panels and battery back-ups.