I’m sitting in front of the local library right now because I can pick up some free wifi access here. I feel kinda like a shmuck, but that’s life. I just went around today and took a bunch of pictures of the farmhouse, barns, chicken coop, and some of the plant life on the land. I thought it’d be fun to show you all some of what we get to enjoy every day. I’ll take a lot more pictures this summer. I know… all that snow is just depressing, huh?

Cleaning out the beehives is dirty work!

The pretty little indoor cactus is in bloom.

The big barn.

The chicken coop on the far left is attached to the smaller barn. Far right is the tractor barn.

Part of a HUGE 12'x6' patch of Eastern Prickly Pear on the property.

An outdoor oven. We'll try to get this fixed up for summer get-togethers.

Big garage/workshop. Corncrib appears closest. (That'll make a fun playhouse for the boys!)

Inside the workshop. Note the woodstove in the far corner. Some beehive supers sitting on the floor ready to be scraped.

Two-holer outhouse. It'll be useful if we have a large event, but I think I'll stick with the indoor potty.

Western wall of the 23'x10' chicken coop. This window is gorgeous, but very drafty.

The chicken coop still needs a good coat of lyme whitewash and some insulation in the ceiling, but it's already so much better than it was when we got here! I think we'll have some happy biddies.

View from the back property line facing the back of the house/barns and the road. 5 acres is pretty big when you actually get to walkin' it.


So that’s all I’m going to post for now. I purposefully left out pictures of the house, because it is very distinctive, and I really don’t want to give up our privacy so easily. 😉  I will tell you that we are close to Eaton Rapids, Michigan, and that our family will most likely have a little farm stand set up either along the road or in the back sunroom/porch. We’ll also be trying to attend local farmer’s markets with our extras. It’d be nice to at least be able to recoup our money for all the seeds and whatnot.

So that’s about it for now! I hope all of my one or two followers are doing well! Toodles.