We have had over two feet of snow fall on us in the past week. In some ways it’s nice. It really is beautiful to look out the windows and see nothing but snow-covered corn fields, barns and trees. But then there’s the practical side of that much snow that is really… well… impractical. The constant wind in the country means that some of the snow has drifted to be up to the top of my thighs. That’s not really fun trying to plow through to take the compost out. Then I am constantly having to shovel a path to the vehicles and snowblow the driveway. (Snowblowing is actually kinda relaxing though, thanks to the owners who purchased a very nice model for us to use!) And openning the barn doors, or any door for that matter, is extremely difficult with a couple feet of snow piled up against them.

I guess that’s just life in the country, though. I’m very anxious for spring to get here. I want the snow to melt, the mud to dry up, and to start digging my hands into the dirt. I want the chickens and their feathery, poopy mess out of the kitchen and into the huge coop, not to mention the fresh eggs we should start getting in June/July. I can’t wait to have fresh herbs for cooking and pizza.

Ah, spring. Where art thou?