I talked my awesome, loving, handsome hubby into watching the kids so I could drive down and park in front of the library for some online time, and boy did I get a surprise when I logged on! It turns out that Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has a blog, and on that is a randomly generated list of links to other blogs. Mine is one of the random blogs featured! That was exciting to see. Yeah, I know, it’s random, but it’s still super cool. I LOVE that company, and will promote them as much as I can. The seeds they sent us are turning out to be very high quality. Here I was thinking that we’d have maybe a 50-60% germination rate for the tomatoes, but it ended up being about 90%. We’ll be swimming in tomatoes this year. I felt so horrible pinching out the extra seedlings to leave one in each cell. My husband laughed at me and told me to replant them in some new flats, but who on earth would be able to use nearly 200 tomato plants?! As it is, we’ll likely be selling off many of the seedlings to work buddies and friends. The kicker is that even with all of those seedlings, we still have more than enough seeds to last us through next year.

Anyway, that wasn’t really what I intended to write about today, but I got a little excited. Today we received a big box full of bee suits. We even got one for our 3 year old. He was so thrilled that he tried it on before we even got all of the tags and stuff off. This is one instance when I wish I could post a picture, because he was so adorable in his little bee suit. After my husband took a picture of him, he put his arms up and started flapping. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Now I have a bee suit, so I can fly!” Haha! Kids are so much fun.

I also wanted to post an update to the story of our hurt chick. Of course, I hadn’t even posted the first story until just now, so scroll down to see what you missed. We put the cone on, which helped the chick calm down and get some rest, but then I ended up cutting the cone off because she figured out how to get around it anyway. I kept her separate from the other chicks until late today, when she decided she wanted to go back all on her own by jumping out of her box. She landed on the screened top of the big box and looked a bit frantic to get back to her pals, so I let her in.

I didn’t get to post a picture of her in the last one because I had trouble with it transfering from Word, so here it is. Goofy, huh? Poor thing!

She seems to be fine now. I’ve noticed that one other chick is missing some of her tailfeathers. I’m guessing it’s just a curiosity thing with the chicks. Or maybe it’s the pecking order being established. Whatever it was they seem to be leaving her alone now. I never put any Vaseline or hydrogen peroxide on the broken feather. It just stopped bleeding on it’s own once the chick fell asleep and left it alone.

Speaking of feathers, I am starting to get a bit fed up with the chicks being in the kitchen. We have them in a huge box right near the oven, and every time I am cooking the silly biddies get all worked up and start trying to fly out to see what’s going on. That kicks up all of the loose fluff and feathers that they have lost that litter the bottom of their box. I’m starting to find chick fluff on the counters and stovetop. When I cook I have to make sure to have lids on everything so a stray piece of fluff doesn’t end up in the food. It’s starting to gross me out. I’m thinking 4 weeks will be all the longer we’ll keep them in the kitchen. If it’s possible, I’d like to get them out to the coop, but we’ll see what the weather does. It makes me nervous putting them out there when they still don’t have all of their adult feathers. Of course, we have a few heat lamps, but I am a natural worrier. Spring just can’t come fast enough for me.

On a final note, I would like to remind those of you who know me personally to refrain from using any personal details like names, locations, and schools if you comment anywhere on my blog. I’d really like to keep my privacy. I know there are ways of finding out all that information if you know how to use search engines and whatnot, but I’d much rather make it a challenge by avoiding listing it on my blog. Thanks!