We spent almost all day yesterday hauling dead, fallen branches from all over the property, broken boards and logs, and anything else that could be burned over to a big pile in the middle of the grass field in the back. By late afternoon we had a good bonfire blazing. We even decided to clean up the future pond site a little by taking out a few fallen trees. There’s still a lot to do back there, but we’ll get to it eventually. My boys were super excited about the fire. The oldest ran into the barn and got his little camping chair, then set it up  near the fire, sat in it, and exclaimed loud enough for the neighbors to hear, “Mommy, I love camping!” Apparently that is what having a fire means. He was totally ready to sleep in a tent in the yard. Our youngest had to spend a lot of the time sitting in the wheelbarrow because he is a little firebug. He kept rushing at the fire with arms wide open and a smile on his face like the fire was a long lost friend.

We also got to meet a few of the neighbors. One has a granddaughter around the age of our youngest, so that’ll be fun. We’ve already agreed to schedule some playdates. My kids don’t have much experience with other children, since we don’t belong to a church and we’re so new to the area. It’ll be nice to get to know everyone around us and find some other people to play with.

Warm weather also means that I can get to planting things like squash, celery, cucumbers, and all the other things that need a 4 week head start. Yay! My parents are coming to visit for a couple days, so maybe that’s something we can all do together. I also discovered a hidden dirt bed stretching along one entire side of the house, which looks fairly empty. Maybe we’ll toss some flower seeds in there to get some spring blossoms going. If the weather turns nasty, then we still have a lot of foundations left to build for the bee hives. Always something to do!

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather! I know we are!