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I am so out of the loop now that we no longer have the internet at home. Every once in a while I take the time to peruse the latest news online, but I never expect anything to really jump out at me. Guess what? Something jumped out at me just now and quite literally made my heart stop. Obama’s new health care reform bill passed last night. If there were such things as gods I would be damning them all right now for the pains they are putting this country, this world, through right now. I am so upset about this that words are just eluding me. I can’t even think of a good enough insult for that self-righteous bastard we call the leader of our country. I just can’t believe it passed. Even with all of the opposition. Even with all of the job losses and rampant financial woes this bill will cause… it passed. I have one word for this situation:


This government is no longer something to be proud of. This country is no longer something to stand for. I now place myself unequivocally against the powers that be. Reason has escaped the political arena. Citizens are being disposessed of all of their basic rights and freedoms. This is not my USA anymore. This is a monster created by greed, avarice, and the most base of all human motives. How did such a great country fall so far so fast?

Today is a sad day in history. What will tomorrow bring?

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