For the past couple of weeks, I have been impatiently waiting for a good day to start working on the back of the chicken coop. Basically, the entire back wall was comprised of two flimsy, rotted doors that didn’t even shut all the way, nor did they have any kind of latch to keep them shut. So today, thinking I was just so lucky, I decided to start working on them. I took the boys outside after my husband left to finally clear out our storage unit in the city, and rounded up all of the tools and supplies I would need. I was able to unscrew all of the hinges and take both of the big doors down in no time, then as I was coming out of the barn with my first two pieces of wood for the frame I was going to build, I notice my youngest son is making a mad dash for the road. Ahh! So I go and catch him, take the boys for a walk around the property to get it out of their system, and then take them both back to the coop to play with their toys and the chickens. Before I even had time to get the boards up on the stand to cut them, my little one goes running off again.

Ok, so I am thinking at this point that:
a) I need a fence to corral the children into while I work,
b) I need a couple of harnesses and a run for the children, or
c) I should just give up for the moment and tucker them out so they take a good nap.

I decided to go with c. We ran around until lunch time, then we all went inside. While lunch was cooking, I decided to take all 14 flats out of the dining room and put them on the lawn so the plants could get some sunshine. There was a gentle breeze, but nothing too bad. So I went back inside and worked on cleaning up the dining room and kitchen. We ate lunch, and then as I was running some dish water to clean up I looked out the window and noticed that the wind had picked up considerably. The sky had also darkened, and some mean looking grey clouds were moving in quickly. Well, crap. I popped in a movie for the boys, then ran outside to get my plants in, round up the scattered chickens, and put away all of the toys and outdoor stuff before the storm hit. There was no way I could do anything about the wide open chicken coop at the moment, so I left it. When I had done all I could, the first raindrops started to fall.

A little over an hour later I put the boys down for their nap. As it happened, that was the same time my husband showed up with the rest of our storage stuff. He had a work buddy helping him to unload it all into the barns while I went around to the back of the chicken coop to start planning. It was raining pretty steadily by this point. My hubby finished up unloading and bid his bud goodbye, then came to help me. We cut the wood for the frame, then screwed it into place. But that was all we could do before the rain was coming down too hard to do anything else. We decided to just screw the old doors back in place temporarily and call it good.

So my project that started out so promising this morning ended up not getting finished. Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be another nice day. There’s so much to do before spring really sets in, and so little time to do it in. At least I have all of our plants that needed to be started early going good in the dining room. I’m worried about some of the tomatoes because that wicked wind tore them apart a bit, but I’m optimistic that they will regain their strength and begin shooting right back up.

I’m in a rush to get all of these big types of projects done in the next couple weeks because we might be short one family member very soon. In tough times, we have to do whatever we can to get by, and it looks like that whatever might mean my husband will be leaving the country for a long-term contracting position overseas. Yes, I still plan on continuing with all of our plans. We’ll still be doing bees, chickens, pigs, worms, composting, huge gardens, and whatever other little things I can fit in, but it looks like I might be doing a majority of it alone for the time being. While a bit depressing (being apart for a few days is bad enough…), it’s also kind of exciting. If he gets this job, it will mean our income will quadruple. We’d be completely out of debt in just a few months, and by this time next year we would have enough money set aside to not only buy land and build a little house, but even get into alternative energy and be able to pursue a few hobbies that are out of our reach now. We’d love to learn more about woodworking and carpentry, and I would love to have a small pottery room with a spinning wheel and low-fire kiln.

It’s a lot to think about. Of course, it’s going to be a tough year, but if that’s the price of freedom from debt and bills, then I think we can make it through. The thought of living in the country with just myself and our little ones is a little frightening, but women have done it before me and came out sassy as ever. I’ve already signed up to take a CPL course, and will be looking into other defensive measures for protecting my family. I think we’ll be just fine. Plus, we have a few very good neighbors to lean on if it gets to be too much.

Wish us luck! I’ll post updates on this wacky, unplanned situation as I can. My life certainly resembles a roller coaster ride, doesn’t it? Ok, I have to get going now. Happy Easter, everyone! Toodles!

Easter chicks! Our clucky ranks have grown by 10 with the addition of 4 banties and 6 assorted pullets. I just couldn't resist when I saw them at TSC.