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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I feel like super Mom today. We all woke up at 7:00 this morning, ate a good breakfast, got dressed, then headed straight outside to work in the garden. Oh, it was so nice out! The temperature was just right, the sky was clear as could be, and the wind was just a gentle breeze coming out of the north. The boys got to ride back and forth in the wagon as we shuttled all of my gardening supplies and the plants out to the garden. They were so good when I tilled! Usually my two year old throws himself down on the ground and just starts bawling as soon as I start the tiller up, but this time he just stood there with a pout on his face and boogers running down his top lip. (He’s getting over a cold, so he has had boogies to spare the past couple days.) After I shut down the tiller he gave me a hug then went on to toss rocks out of the soil. Both of the kids entertained themselves like that while I started aligning stakes and digging holes.

My three year old helped me a lot by throwing compost in the holes I dug, then by watering the holes until no more water drained. I came behind him and planted out tomatoes. When I had a whole row (6 plants), we’d take a break, get a drink of water, make up some labels, and cut some strings to tie the plants up. My two year old just sat down and played in the dirt for all of this… easy to please. Some of the dirt ended up in my watering bucket, but who am I to complain? I’m so glad we have so much room to play with, because I’m giving all of the plants their proper spacing this year. Instead of trying to fit everything into a tiny little plot, each plant is going to actually have some room around it to grow. My tomatoes are all 3’ or so apart – I eyeballed it. I’ll admit I planted the corn a little close together (4-6”), but that was because I want it all to grow up in strong banks to combat the wind. The peas and onions are all 6” apart.

Anyway, I have 24 tomato plants in now. I’m hoping to get another 12 in by nightfall. I think that’s a pretty decent day’s work, don’t you? While we were out there we had a lot of visitors. The lawn guys showed up and mowed down all of the grass in the orchard and behind the barns. They took the weed wacker when they left, so they could put a new pull string on it and get it working for me. It’ll be nice to finally have that to trim around the barns and trees. We also got to meet the brother of our landlord. He stopped by to borrow their car. Seemed like a nice guy, but I didn’t get much time to chat since he got here just as I was heading inside to put the kids down for a nap.

I’m probably going to take a drive to Eaton Acres Farm tonight to pick up some more straw. I like the idea of using bales as a windbreak, and I’ll also need some to use as mulch over the tomatoes. That soil back there dries up so fast it’s not funny. Hopefully some mulch will help.

Ok, checking back in! I ended up only doing 35, because that’s all that I brought out there. I didn’t feel like bringing my muddy self back in the house for just one more plant. They look pretty good out there. I hope they start perking up soon, growing big and strong. They look so little next to the four foot stakes they are tied to. Hmm… guess I’ll have to take pictures. I still have to get the straw mulch on them. The boys and I drove out and picked up four bales. I think next time I go out there I’ll bring the trailer so I can get a lot more. Too bad you can’t just call up a straw delivery service like you do with pizza. “Hi, I’d like ten bales of straw with a mouse infestation on the side, please.” Yeah, they had some bales with obvious signs of mouse inhabitation. I didn’t get those ones. Yuck. I have enough mice to deal with already. Darn things.

Speaking of mice and rodents and scritchy scratchy things… we have something that somehow gets into the ceiling above the livingroom and the floor of my bedroom. I hear it at night and whenever it’s quiet during the daytime. It’s creeping me out, because it sounds bigger than a mouse. A squirrel maybe? The bugger is I don’t know where it’s getting in and how to kill it. Any suggestions?

I hope tomorrow is nice, too. I can get the rest of the ‘maters in, then start on the peppers. We’re going to have lots of tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Know what that means? SALSA! SALSA! Yay! I love me some salsa.

Toodles ‘til next time!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

My hubby comes home tomorrow for a whole week! Yahoo! We’ll go pick him up at the airport around 4:30pm. I haven’t told the boys yet, but I’m going to surprise them today with it. I’m sure they’ll be super excited. My three year old really misses him. When our rooster died, he would go up to the baby chicks and ask them if they missed their daddy, too. Made me want to cry, poor kid. I’m hoping we’ll be able to do some really fun stuff for the week that he’s back. Maybe drive down to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek for the day, or to Chicago to see the aquarium and planetarium. We will have a lot to do around the house while he’s here, but it’d be great to take a day or two to do something fun and make some good memories.

At the end of the week, my hubby will leave for a few days of CRC, then he deploys over to Kuwait to await the next available flight into Iraq. He’s not looking forward to CRC because he’ll be getting the smallpox vaccine. I guess that really knocks a person out for a few days. He’s been in Utah for the past five weeks, and he’s already sunburned. I shudder to think what he’ll look like after a week in the Iraqi desert. I know if it were me, no matter how much sunscreen I used, I would look like a well-cooked lobster. Heck, I’m already getting a good farmers tan, and I’m using spf 50!

Tonight I am going to give my boys a haircut. We have a family photo session scheduled next week. I’m sure I’ll have to trim up my hubby’s hair as well when he gets back. It’ll be nice to have an updated family picture, since the last one we had was over a year ago and the boys have already changed so much since then. I just hope our two year old can sit still for that long… he’s a fidgety tyke.

Sounds like the boys are finally up! I woke up at 6am this morning thinking they would probably be up soon, too, since it was already sunny and the birds were singing so damn loud. Of course, since I woke up early, they’re going to sleep in until 8. Stinkers. Isn’t it funny how kids always do the opposite of what you expect?


Friday, May 21, 2010

In about a half hour we’ll be leaving to go pick up Daddy from the airport. We’re so excited! I was hoping to have all of the tomatoes planted before he got here, but yesterday I was having trouble breathing and I got tired so fast. I think the cold I was fighting weakened my immune system to the point where another infection took over. My immune system needs to be fired. It’s not doing its job. Anyway, it’s been raining all day long so we haven’t been able to get out to the garden. My plants will just have to wait. Maybe this weekend will be nice and we can all go out together.

We should be getting the internet out here at the house soon. No more library! Well, at least no more sitting in front of the library with my laptop on the armrest and the kids screaming to be let out after just two minutes. Supposedly we’ll be able to get DSL. We’ll see. I hope we can, because satellite internet is so slow, so restrictive, and so expensive! We also got some TV channels as part of the package deal. The kids are excited to be able to watch Word World, Curious George, and Sid the Science Kid. I always swore I wouldn’t become one of those parents who puts their kids in front of the TV in order to get something done, but here I am doing just that. Guess this would be a good time to say I’ll never let my kids become super intelligent scientists who cure cancer and find a way to fix the global economy. Or that I’ll never let my kids grow up to be responsible, sensitive, and well-informed citizens who marry wonderful women and make me lots of cute grandbabies. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

Ok, we’re off to the airport! Toodles!

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