I’ve taken a break from being the homesteading novice I am to spend some quality time with my love. He’s only here until Friday morning, and we’ve been making good use of the little time we have together. On Saturday, we went to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. That place is so cool, and the kids had a blast. Saturday night we stayed in a hotel with a pool, which the kids also LOVED, then left early Sunday morning to spend the day at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The city terrified me, especially the chaotic traffic and nasty smells everywhere, but the aquarium was very nice. The boys were absolutely mesmerized by all of the fish, the dolphins, and the belugas. Our youngest was scared to the point of shaking by the sea otters playful antics, the poor, goofy kid. We all thoroughly enjoyed the 4-D theatre where we got run over by rats, spit on by a shaggy sailor, and rumbled by thousands of dancing penguins.

Today we had family portraits taken. We got a few really good ones. If you know me on Facebook, look for them in the near future. I won’t be uploading them here, since I still want to protect our privacy in some small way. We also had lunch and supper with various family members. We have another family meal planned tomorrow with some of the grandparents. Not looking forward to that one. It’s with the uber-religious side of the family, the same ones who left a long, all-caps rant on our wedding webpage nearly 5 years ago saying that we were going to hell and that we were generally bad people. All because we wanted a wedding ceremony free of religion, and refused to participate in the prayer before our reception dinner was served. But their infinitely stupid granddaughter (my sister-in-law) who has had four children with three different men, watched her children be abused and done nothing about it, lived like a leech off of the government/welfare/charity of others, never held a good job for more than a few months, and made every irresponsible decision a person could make… well, she’s the golden child because she is a “good” Christian. Barf.

Ok, that’s enough of the negative. Focus on the positive. My hubby is an addict. Yep. He’s addicted to American Idol. So much so, that he’s completely forgotten about the bag of yummylicious cherries in his lap. He eats cherries like I eat chocolate-covered anything. I wonder if he’ll be able to watch stuff like this over in Iraq? We don’t watch a lot of TV, but he’s always liked this show. I hope he isn’t deprived of every little thing he enjoys while he’s over there. At least I can still send him treats like his favorite cookies and dried fruits.

Ok, show’s almost over now. Back to spending quality time together! Toodles, y’all!