I just had a two week break from having my boys underfoot. They went and stayed with my parents up in the UP, and they had a really good time. I’d like to say that in that time I got everything in the garden planted, kept up with the lawn, and got a bunch of household projects completed, but that would be a big fat lie. I had maybe three good days where the weather cooperated with me, and in those days I worked my patootie off. I planted the rest of the onions, some more peas, and all of the peppers. I also mowed the lawn every chance I got because all this rain has been making the grass grow at a rate of about 4-6″ every three days or so. It’s ridiculous how fast the grass grows.

Now that the boys are back, the weather is nice again, so I’m back outside with them tagging along. I have a fairly large garden, and everyone keeps telling me I won’t be able to keep up with it. So far, I think I’m doing well. It’s relatively weed-free. The glaring exception is the onions rows. For some reason, weeds seem drawn to onions, and it only takes one day of missed weeding in there for a new green carpet to form. I’m ready to mulch the tomatoes and peppers, so hopefully that will help tame the weeds and also do double duty as a barrier for evaporation. Do you know how many 5-gallon buckets it takes to water a 20′ x 100′ garden? A lot. My poor back is sick of hauling those buckets. (Note: when we buy land and build our forever home, we need a spigot right next to the garden area.)

The boys help out a bit. They’re only 2 and 3 years old, so there’s not a whole lot they can do, but they like to throw rocks into the rock piles and dig in the soil. I also found a good way to get the lawn mowed today. They have this farm wagon that has a hook-up on it for tractors. I hooked it up to the back of the riding lawn mower and pulled them around behind me while I mowed. Granted, it isn’t a pretty mowing job as I was turning in my seat every three seconds to make sure the boys weren’t falling out over all the bumps, but it worked. When we were done mowing, I turned the PTO off and followed my 3 yo’s advice to “go faster!” We zoomed around the yard twice, leaving a trail of raucous laughter and some very perturbed chickens in our wake.

I’m hoping as my boys grow older they decide they like helping in the garden. I know they’ll enjoy it a lot more once we actually start getting some produce out of it. The peas are in bloom, so that should be our first crop of the year. I’ve been pinching off any flowers on the tomatoes so they grow a bit more robust foliage first. Maybe we’ll plant some little carrots and greens this week. Those are fast crops, and I’m sure the boys would love helping me eat them.

That’s it for now. Look forward to some pictures of the garden’s progress in the next few days!