This is just a quickie. I’m sorry I’ve been bad about posting updates on our life here, but whew! We’ve been busy! The garden is in full swing, the chickens have finally started laying, and summer is taking my breath away. We found out that we have golden raspberries, black raspberries, and cherries growing wild on the property. Yum! So we’ve been out picking a lot. I even got enough black raspberries and cherries to make some jam. I supplemented with strawberries from a local farmer’s market, and was able to kick out 30 pints of various jams. My boys helped me every step of the way, including with the dishes.

Let’s see. Oh, yes! I also got a new toy. It’s a 1950’s edition Singer sewing machine on a treadle base. I LOVE it. It’s a workhorse compared to that “new” Brother machine I have (which has broken for the third time!) sitting out in the mud room. This thing can sew through 9 layers of denim without snagging, where my old one choked on 3. Hubby’s work pants, here I come! This also means that I might actually be able to finally finish up those two jean quilts for the boys this winter in time for Christmas. My mother-in-law came over for some quality time with me and helped sand/stain the table. It turned out really pretty, don’t you think?

Well, that’s it for now. Like I said, short, but I’ll try to get moving along on my posts soon. I’m throwing a Family Fun Day here at the farm next weekend for a bunch of local families and their children. One of my atheist homesteading pals down in Illinois is even going to put in an appearance. (Shout out to Our Happy Chaos!)  I’m so excited! We’ll be doing all sorts of old-timey games like sac races, bobbing for fruits, watermelon seed spitting contests, and bean bag toss. Plus, I just spent the entire last week building a big playground for the kids in the yard. I was hoping to get a big sandbox in, too, but that may just have to wait until after the party.

Hope y’all are enjoying this beautiful weather!