I completely forgot to mention my adorable little lovebug of a ram, Caligula. He joined us on the farm a few weeks after the ewes, and currently resides in the holding pen with his little black whether pal, Coffee.

That is Caligula. He was born in April ’10, so he’s still got quite a bit of lamb in him. He’s the friendliest thing I have ever known. As soon as I got outside he starts in on his hoarse sounding little bleat. When I get over to his gate, he and Coffee are there greeting me with wagging tails and impatient pacing. I go into the pen, and I am immediately bowled over by the snuggliest ball of wiggly wool on the planet. If I don’t pay attention to him, he either bumps his head against my hand or leg, or paws at my muck boots. He loves any form of attention, and isn’t even shy around strangers. My 3 year old loves going in and sitting with them, because Coffee licks like crazy and Cali cuddles.

I will be putting them in the pasture with the ewes this December so hopefully we’ll be getting our first round of lambs in April. So far they all get along great through the sturdy stock fencing. I hope it lasts when Cali starts on his rounds. He’s still a bit smaller than the girls, but should mature more in the next couple months.

One of these days I’ll get a video of Cali’s antics. His little tail wagging is so darn cute. And the way he absolutely BEGS for some loving from anyone who enters his domain is unforgettable. I love these critters!