My 3 year old is a smart little thing. He’s always caught on to things the first time around, and been ahead of the curve when it comes to developmental milestones. At his 6 month appointment, he was walking along the waiting room furniture. By one year, he was singing his alphabet. At two he could count to twenty without pause. Now at three he is interested in reading and already knows how to spell his own name. He’s such a little sponge, and I don’t want that energy and love for learning to wither in him, so we have started playing school.

With the help of The Teacher’s Store up in Lansing, I have started giving short lessons on letters and words to both of my boys. We use flashcards, printables from an activity book, and dry erase boards to practice. The boys especially love the flash cards. They trace the numbers and letters with their fingers, and my quiet two year old is even trying to pronounce a few of the words. We practice colors and shapes with foam cut-outs that we put on blank paper or printables. And, of course, we read children’s books by the dozen every day. My three year old already has many of his books memorized, and takes immense pleasure in reading to his stuffed animals.

I’m not really sure how far I’ll go with homeschooling. I’ve considered continuing it if I end up living way out in the boonies, or if the boys for some reason aren’t a good match for whatever local public school they end up in. I wouldn’t mind teaching them from home, especially with the plethora of information online about the subject. There are forums, resource websites, planning guides, and homeschooling blogs galore. One of my favorite things to do is perform a random google search for homeschooling blogs and read about how moms handle raising multiple children, keeping the house in order, and educating multiple student levels at the same time. I’ve even found blogs of single moms who have somehow successfully melded a full-time work schedule with homeschooling and homesteading. Now THAT is inspiration.