No, I’m not talking about the bible in any of it’s numerous variations. I’ve been on a reading kick lately (thanks to my husband buying crazy numbers of books for our Kindles), and have come across a book by Dan Barker, former Evangelical pastor and musician. It’s called “Godless” and is about his transformation from bible-thumping, fundamentalist, reborn Christian to reasoning, freethinking, agnostic atheist.  While a few chapters are on the fluffy, philosophical side, he does go into significant detail when it comes to his reasoning against Christianity and the bible as a whole. It’s a thought-provoking read. Perhaps when I’m finished with it I’ll come back and relate a few of the more interesting passages followed by my own thoughts on the matter.

Does anyone have suggestions for further reading on atheist topics? I feel like it’s been too long since I delved into this topic, or any intellectual subject for that matter. My mind craves a bit of academic stimulation! For that matter, I wouldn’t mind reading something the “other side” considers worthy. It never hurts to brush up on all sides of a controversial topic.