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Things are chugging right along here in this back country garden. We were on vacation for two weeks because my husband came home from Iraq on a two week leave, and we came back to a weed-infested, potato-buggy mess. A few days of weed-picking and spraying for unwanted guests, and the garden is finally sorted. The beans are climbing their trellises, the tomatoes are going nuts in their cages, and the brassicas are over-reaching every boundary I set out for them. Here are a few pictures to show you how far the garden has come this year.

Scarlet Runner beans, Kentucky Wonder beans, and potatoes at the far end

Bee balm in bloom

Purple headed cabbage

Pickling and slicing cukes

Basil up front with some oregano to the left and dill in the background

Sweet bell pepper

Sweet cherry tomatoes

Rows of tomatoes

Butterflies getting a drink from the freshly watered soil

The whole garden as seen from the northeast corner

We also have more good news on another front. My husband went for an interview at Marinette Marine in Marinette, Wisconsin this morning. They hired him on the spot, offering him the same pay he was getting at his previous job (before going overseas) and telling him he starts August 29th… the day before his 30th birthday. Yay! So now we are on the hunt for real for land. It’s so close I can taste it! We were hoping to get an apartment for the winter, but it seems like Marinette Marine is doing so much hiring that all the apartment complexes in the area are booked several months out. We’re hoping that someone in the area has a house for rent or a few rooms. We’ll see!

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