The unthinkable has happened. We actually found a house that we like. Not only like. I LOVE this place, and the acreage. I’m sure my husband will, too. It’s on 10 acres, about 60% of which is open field and the rest wooded. The house itself is 1300 sq ft, heated with a central wood stove, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a huge sun room that faces south. A corn field borders one side, woods are across the street, and the neighbors house on the south side isn’t even visible from the house. It wasn’t even on the market long enough for them to put a sign in the yard and they had two offers. I put ours in last night. Now all we can do is cross our fingers and wait for a few days. The agent said we should hear back before Friday.

If you click on this picture, it’ll take you to a bigger version. In it, you can make out the fenced-in garden area in the SE corner of the field. The posts are probably 10′ high, and I’d estimate the area is 75’x150′. You can also see the shed that sits next to the house in the foreground. Looks a bit aged on the outside, but the inside looks brand new.

The south side of the house, as viewed from underneath one of several established apple trees. The master bedroom is to the left, bathroom in the center, and the row of windows is the south facing sun room. There’s a small deck out back that would be perfect for outdoor breakfasts. I’m not really sure what the dug-out area was meant to be. It leads to what looks like a water feature with large stones set in a wide circle. Unfinished water feature project?

A look into the wooded section of the land. There’s a trail wide enough for a truck to drive down. It’s in desperate need of some thinning so the trees there can grow thicker, so we should be able to season some wood up for next year if we get the property. It ends in a cedar swamp a few hundred feet back. There is a deer blind in a tree (that I probably wouldn’t trust) and a deer blind on the ground (that needs a lil tlc before I’d sit in it), and there are plenty of deer in the area. Venison sausage, here we come!

Looking from the NW corner. Long driveway leading to the house, lined by some lilacs (?) and small trees. You can see a post waaaay in the back of the picture marking out the far border of the property. Not the tall electrical post. That shorter one topped with a birdhouse. There is a lot of area available to turn to hay or pasture, and no close neighbors to complain about the animals. I hear a milk cow and a couple weaner pigs in our future.

We should hear back in the next couple days whether or not our offer was accepted. I have a good feeling, though. Cross your fingers for us!