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Since the offer on the house fell through, I have been busy looking at all sorts of other houses and pieces of property for sale. I have an agent who is next to useless (he hasn’t sent us more than a handful of listings since I signed on with him), so I’ve just been looking online and putting ads in papers to see what’s out there. While I haven’t found any other houses that interest me, we’ve found a lot of land parcels that are just gorgeous. So far, two stand above the rest:

1 – 10 acres. 3 acres of south-facing hilly grassland, 7 acres of (moist in the spring) cedar swamp. Great views, open all around.

2 – 13 acres. 6 acres of hilly grassland, 7 acres of mixed hard and soft woods. Secluded, can’t see road or neighbors through the woods.

I guess it comes down to whether we want privacy or a great view. The more I think about it, the more I think the larger parcel will suit us. A great view is nice, but there are 10 acre parcels on either side of that 10 acre one, and who knows what the owners might decide to throw up. I wouldn’t be too happy if that great view was spoiled by a trashy trailer and cars on blocks. The 13 acre parcel would give us firewood in years to come, while the 10 acre only has cedar. Cedar is great for starting fires, but not great for a long, slow burn to heat a house.

This choosing land thing is really difficult. So many options to weigh! I took a panoramic video of each piece of land, but for some reason this wordpress site isn’t recognizing any videos on my computer. Does anyone know how to post those? I can always edit this to add the videos later if I figure it out.

Other than looking for land, we’ve been keeping busy with the garden at my parents’ house and entertaining the boys. We make a lot of trips to the local park with my bike and the trailer. Our neighbors have a little girl whom the boys adore, so we’ve had them over to visit here and there. I’ve made chocolate zucchini cake, banana bread, all sorts of pickles and relish, and been canning everything I am able to. I just read about oven canning dry goods like pasta and flours. I might give that a shot. I hate opening up a bag of pasta to discover little bugs crawling around… no matter how clean I keep the pantry or how well sealed the box/bag is. But with oven canning, you heat the dry foods up enough to kill any vermin, then you seal it to keep any other vermin out. Sounds like it’s worth a shot.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading lately. My husband (who will be home in two days!!!! yay!!) turned me on to a series called A Song of Fire and Ice. I’ve also made it most of the way through Parenting Beyond Belief (thanks, Carla!). My Backwoods Home magazine just arrived, so I’m sure I’ll be reading through that too. Once I finish these current reading projects, I think I’ll have to start back in on my yearly knitting. I need a new hat, as will both of the boys, and I still need to figure out how many dishcloths I need to kick out for Christmas. My yearly quilt project was put off last year due to all the moving and stress, and may yet be put off another year. I suppose I’ll have to make up for it with a magnificent quilt next year.

So much to do, so little time! First up, though – get that land. Wish us luck!

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