So I know there are some people out there who are just dying to know what our house will look like. Well, I can now sort of answer that burning curiosity. Here it is – the plan that we are still working on. (And when I say we, I mean my dutiful husband who has been spending hours and hours tooling around on Google Sketch Up to draw up exact, detailed plans to satisfy the inspector and zoning commission. Love you, honey!)

The framework of the house.

We are building on what is known as a post and pier foundation. This is mainly because building on a crawlspace just eeks me out, and building on a basement is too expensive for us at this time. Paying as we go and doing the work ourselves means we will be cutting many of the corners that contractors, banks, and inspectors would like to claim are necessary… like indoor plumbing.

*GASP* Yes. I said it. We will be living without indoor plumbing. Big whoop. Half the world over lives this way, and most of them don’t have the access to clean well water that we will. I’m not worried. After talking with many others who have lived this way and reassurances from our well guy that our well won’t freeze during the winter no matter how often we use it… we are comforted. Yes, it’ll be tough, but we’ll make it.

Anyway, onto the house plan. As you can see, it will be a 1.5 story structure. There are three bedrooms, one bathroom (with space for an additional one should we require it in the future), a large pantry/utility room, a closet for a future washer/dryer combo, a full staircase, and an open room containing the kitchen/dining/living area. There will be windows aplenty, two entry/exit doors, a woodstove for heating and cooking (initially), and plenty of closet space for storage. The view you see in the framework picture above is of the long south-facing wall. On the left is the dining nook, followed by the kitchen, utility room, and master bedroom. The bathroom is just behind the stairs in the northeast corner. The boys’ bedrooms are upstairs, across from the open area that could serve as a study or future bathroom.

A flattened version of the above house, showing the main floor plan.

All in all, the plan is 20’x40′, with the upstairs adding on another ~300 square feet. Our 600 square foot house has blossomed, but still retains the feel of the small cabin it started as. We are confident that the price won’t be too different from our original plans, either, as we aren’t really adding on a whole lot of new material. Regardless, we aren’t footing the whole bill at once. Instead, we are paying as we go. This means that we will only do as much as we can afford at any given time. If all we can afford to start with is the shell of the house, basic lighting and electricity, a woodstove for heating and cooking, and self-serve water/waste… we’re up for it. How many people can say they live in a house that is completely paid for before they even hit the age of 30?  *raises hand*

If you want to know anything else about the plans, don’t hesitate to ask! My husband will be posting updates on all of this to a Google documents file he started, as well as to Country Plans. Actually I’m not sure if he’s started posting on Country Plans yet, but it’s still worth a click if you want to see some houses similar to ours that have been or are in the process of being built. Yay for do-it-yourself!