I should have wrote this about a week ago, but I kept putting it off. Last Thursday our driveway was put in by a very amiable fellow named Rob. He worked very fast, and gave us a pretty good deal compared to other companies in the area. And he did it all alone, which meant there was very little chance of miscommunication. He double checked all the lines with us before starting on Wednesday, and by the next afternoon he called to say we could meet him to inspect his work.

Tear shaped roundabout with the house site being off to the right side of the picture.

Facing the house site. The maple on the left might be gorgeous, but it's rotted through so far that one section has fallen on its own. It will come down next.

Going down and around the hill toward the road. No more ruts and stumps chewing up the bottom of our vehicles!

Where the driveway meets the road. We'll go back next spring and put in a split on the other side so we can have an easier angle for big trucks. We want to wait until the electric is done so we don't have to dig twice.

The final price ended up being $1850 cash. All the gravel alone costed $1300. Why so much? We moved the house site further back on the property for more privacy, then added the roundabout with an extended parking area. Everything was a minimum of 12′ wide, according to code, but the roundabout was just a bit wider so that larger trucks can make it around without going over the side. We plan on putting the well and pump centered in the pointy end of the teardrop shaped center section. A mulberry tree will go in the middle of the round section, around 25-30 feet away from the well. Yes, it’s far enough – I checked. Opposite the pointy end of the teardrop is a flat wall perpendicular to the house site and across the driveway. This is where our future woodshop will reside.

We still have some work to do to finish the driveway up on our own. We’ll head out tomorrow (weather permitting) to begin the process of lugging rocks from the multiple piles on the property to the borders of the driveway to make it a bit prettier. Once that is finished, and all the misplaced gravel is raked back into the driveway, we’ll probably start making a few little piles of rocks for the raised bed gardens. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what would be cheap and durable enough to build a few big 3-4’x50′ beds. What’s cheaper than the thousands of big rocks piled up all over the land? Maybe if the weather holds up I can go out someday with the boys, a couple bags of mortar mix, and some buckets of water to start stacking the beds. It would be nice if we could have something to use for a garden next year. What will I use for soil, you ask? Look at this beauty…

He looks just like his Daddy, doesn't he? This, my dear readers, is what happens when you shop at WalMart too much.

It’s excellent topsoil, and there are two HUGE piles of it just sitting there. I figure mixing that with some acquired manure, straw, and leaves will make an excellent growing medium for veggies. We will still have a lot left over for when we plant the first of our orchard next spring, too. Speaking of which… all of the tree vendors are starting to post prices and available stock for next year. Look for a post on what we choose soon!