We bought a whole roast chicken last night because for some reason it’s cheaper to buy it already cooked than raw in a bag. (Figure that one out!) That was meal number one. When we had picked all the best meat off, I tossed the carcass and remaining skin/bones from our meal into a stockpot and covered it with water. It came to a boil then was left on the stove top on low heat overnight and all through the next day, which just happened to be today.

I can’t say I left it alone ALL day. This morning I disturbed it’s peaceful simmer to strain all the yucky bits out. I just used a large strainer lined with cheesecloth, gave the stockpot a good rinse with some clean water, then tossed the new strained stock back in with enough water to bring it back up near the top of the pot. While that was coming to a boil again I rooted through the mess of yucky bits in the cheesecloth to find all the big bones. The wishbone I kept out for the boys to have fun with later, but the rest were rinsed clean and put right back into the stock to boil then simmer the rest of the day.

Meal number two was the chicken noodle soup we enjoyed tonight. Carrots, peas, garlic, onions, noodles, leftover chicken chunks, and broth. Yum! But there was a whole lot more broth still left. Sooo…

Say hello to four more meal helpers in the form of four quarts of golden, delicious broth! One chicken… so many uses. Imagine what I could do if I had the whole chicken to slaughter! Then I’d have feet to play with to make gelatin, and lots of lovely inner bits for a fry-up or gravy. I can’t wait until we have our own chickens again!