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So I figure it’s been a while since I posted any updates on the house construction. There are many reasons for that, but the main one is: life. I started working a part time job recently, the kids have had school, the weather hasn’t always cooperated, and we were at a stand-still for a few weeks due to an emergency surgery my husband had to go through. Now the kids are out of school for the summer, my husband is all healed, and the weather is starting to behave.

Today we went up to visit the land. We mowed A LOT, checked on all the trees in the orchard and the back pasture, and dug a bit more. We are sooo close to being done digging! Just a foot more in two last holes, and it’s done. Man, this was probably going to be the hardest part of building the house. We dug each of the 12 holes by hand using a shovel, post hole digger, and breaker bar. We also had to use some tow straps to get some rocks out once or twice. Here’s what the house site looks like as of this afternoon. I took this picture before I started the 12th hole.

It’s lookin good so far, and speaking of lookin good… here’s some more pictures from around the property.

The badger relocated to the south side of the hill, about twenty yards below where the fire pit and cherry trees are.

One of the cherry trees.

The orchard. All the trees are full of leaves and doing great. Three of the four grapes look like they’ll establish themselves well, too.

There’s probably a quarter acre of wild blackberries or raspberries on the property. Pretty sure they’re raspberries. We’ll see in a couple weeks!

The path from the bottom of the orchard back to the pasture and pond site. I’m in love with all the green everywhere.

The finished outhouse. Complete with a wasp trap because apparently the little buggers enjoy corrugated roofing for making nests.

The inside of the outhouse. Buckets full of sawdust will help to compost the waste and keep odors down. Who knew? An outhouse that smells good!

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