Here are my plans for the first week of our month of giving. I would like to do one thing a day, however small it may be.

Sunday (today) – Go through the boys’ closet and donate outgrown clothes to the school closet, where needy families can pick out clothes for their children free of charge.

Monday – Go through the boys’ toys and donate unwanted, good-condition toys to the local Goodwill.

Tuesday – Volunteer at the boys’ school. Bring in 1-2 items from the 4k teacher’s supplies wishlist.

Wednesday – Make and mail out Holiday Mail for Heroes.

Thursday – Volunteer at the boys’ school.

Friday – Make cookies to bring to the boys’ classes, leave on neighbors’ doorsteps, and to send to husband overseas.

Saturday – Make holiday decorations for local nursing home, to be delivered when we volunteer there next.

I am looking forward to embarking on this with my boys. I’ve talked with a few other parents and received leads on volunteer positions all over our area. I will be making calls on those through this next week. If you have any ideas for inexpensive things we could do to give back to our community, neighbors, troops, etc, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!