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Wow, this is going by fast! I’m already two days into the second week. While I set goals for last week, I changed some things around. The Holiday Cards for Heroes thing was actually a bigger hit than I had planned. While I was doing it with my boys, I had a sudden thought: would teachers and other students like to do this as well? So I printed up some invitations for all of the teachers at the local elementary, complete with rules and a deadline. I passed them out Monday, and left a box in the copy room for any cards that were made. I offered to pay postage. When I picked up the box on Friday, there were over 200 cards made by students! Awesome!

Saturday and Sunday were a bit thrown off by a trip to a big city to get some personal stuff squared away. I took my boys shopping and to a movie. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever taken them to a movie alone. Missing my husband a bit more than usual lately. Holidays are for family, and this holiday just won’t be the same without him here.

Anyway, back to the giving. I’ve decided this week I just want to post a list of things I’d like to do, instead of putting specific ones down for each day.

1. Finish going through the boys’ clothes and toys. Donate whatever is in good shape again.

2. Make several more batches of cookies. Bring some to local Fire Department.

3. Get a Christmas package out to my husband and one to my brother.

4. Go to the grocery store on my weekly trip and say something nice to several random people I encounter.

5. Let my boys drop my spare change in every bucket we pass. (We actually did this at the mall in the city. They had a lot of fun with it. Ooh! Memo to me – get more change in my purse!)

6. Sing carols as a family for someone.

7. Make another bean bag toss and bean bags for the boys’ Christmas party.

8. Start on a quilt for a friend.

9. Drop off a bag of food at local pantry.

There’s always more. I’ve been really trying to think of little ways to help other people or go the extra mile. I know if I had more free time during the day that I would probably be accomplishing a lot more. Practice makes perfect, though, right? Maybe if I keep doing this year after year I’ll get better.

What are you doing this week to give back?

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