I’ve been playing around on Sketchup again, and instead of working on the kitchen cabinet layout like I’m supposed to (sorry, hun!) I’ve been wasting my time on yet another potential layout for the land. I’ve yet to figure out how to grade in Sketchup, so it doesn’t show the hill that everything sits on. Suffice to say, just beyond the innermost cherry tree, the land slopes away into an awesome sledding hill that curves around through the other side of the drive where the main orchard is. It’s steep enough that I’ve spun the tires on the lawn tractor trying to go straight up.

The things we already have in place are few: the orchard, the driveway, the fire pit. The house isn’t going to move from where we originally intended, unless we go 10-15′ east to take advantage of the slope for bigger basement windows on that side.

The things we have yet to find places for include the garden, sheds, coop, guest house, and garage. I’ve been experimenting with shadows at various times of year, and I think this set up works better than my previous ones. In this one, the garden is on the south side, just on top of the slope. The guest house would have a pretty nice little view of our tiny valley and the adjacent field beyond the little strip of woods that separate the two parcels. The garage would be easy to get in and out of with vehicles because there wouldn’t be any funky curves to work around. Attaching the woodshed to the north side of the garage would protect the wood from blowing snow and rain since prevailing winds are generally north east, plus it’s not too far from the house.


I know it’s hard to read, but if you click on it, you’ll be taken to an enlarged version. đŸ™‚

I think now I’ve got that bug out of my system, I might start working on the cabinets so my husband can refine them. He’s so much better with Sketchup than I am.

(Side note – Did I mention how EXCITED I am for spring to come so I can get out to the land and start digging holes again?!)