I feel like doing the Snoopy happy dance all over the apartment right now. I just ordered our first two appliances for the new house, and even though our bank account got goosed, I’m absolutely thrilled!

Say hello to our newest kitchen wenches! They’ll be helping me make every meal starting some time in June.

Now the only other major appliance we have to provide is the wood stove. I think we’re still leaning toward the Alderlea T4, but I’d like to talk to a local installer before we jump into that one. Do wood stoves ever go on sale? Yikes. We saved about $800 on the fridge and range because we hit the President’s Day sales plus got free shipping and installation. I don’t even know where we’d buy the wood stove from. Looks like I’ve got yet another new project to get on before spring is here.

Did I mention I’M SO EXCITED yet?

Now we just need this crazy weather to knock it off. We’ve had about four times as much snow this winter as last, plus rain storms in between every foot of snow. All this ice and snow is going to take forever to melt and make such a mucky mess. I’m begging his holiness, the flying spaghetti monster, to kindly remove his noodly appendage from the “on” button on his ¬†big grater in the sky, or I might have to climb up there and kick him right in his saucy meatballs. Can I get a r’amen?