So do you remember in my last post how positive I was that our house was finally going to start being built in just a few days?


About that.

Just hours after signing the final paperwork for our building permit, my builder calls me and says he’s running about two weeks late with his building schedule because of the rough winter we had. Okay. Two weeks isn’t bad, right? I can handle that. Then he says that he’s going in for some sort of surgery and will get pushed back a couple more weeks. Wait… what?

Yep. The new estimated start date for our house construction is now sometime in mid-June. My husband pushed his R&R back so he could get here just when the house was supposed to be finished and help me get the kitchen put together. Now when he comes we’ll be lucky if there’s even a hole in the ground yet.

I’m pretty sad. No idea when the house will be done now. I had planned on having the rest of the summer to finish the interior to livable status so we could move in and the boys could start at their new school on time. Now it sounds like I’ll be lucky to have a week to work on it before they’re ready to go back to school. Time… it’s not on my side anymore.