I think we’re finally settled on the most important appliance to grace our humble little house – the wood stove. We’ve looked idly at several types and brands this past year. We went from Nectre to Esse to Alderlea to Blaze King, and have ended our search with Woodstock. Say hello to our heater, cooktop, water heater, and most beautiful piece of furniture:


This is the Progress Hybrid wood stove by Woodstock. I found the company via some strong recommendations at the Hearth.com forum. After making a couple calls to the factory and talking it over with my husband, we put a deposit down a few days ago. Expected delivery for this beauty is August 30th, which also happens to be my hubby’s birthday. Happy birthday, honey!

For those of you who are curious about prices, I’m going to break down each and every cost associated with the stove and the installation. But first, a picture to give you an idea of what goes into a wood stove installation.



If you click on it, it will take you to the full version that is much easier to read. The only difference in our install will be that the stove pipe comes straight up out of the stove instead of at a 90° angle from the back. While running my errands today I was able to stop at Menard’s and price out all of the components for the pipe. It will be much cheaper to buy them there than to get them from Woodstock and have them shipped. The prices below reflect those I found at our local Menard’s.

Part Name Price Quantity Total
Deluxe Rain Cap 39.99 1 39.99
Adjustable Roof Flashing 49.99 1 49.99
Storm Collar 6.49 1 6.49
Cathedral Ceiling Support 38.99 1 38.99
Stove Pipe Adaptor 19.99 1 19.99
24” Length Chimney 48.00 3 144.00
24” Double Wall Stove Pipe 34.99 5 174.95
Adjustable Length Stove Pipe 29.98 1 29.98
  Total   504.38

Here’s what our wood stove costs. The items that say 0 next to them have actual prices, but with the sale that was going on (ended 7/19/13) they threw in a lot of things free. Plus we got the $400.00 discount for the sale. All in all, we saved several hundred dollars by shopping smart.

Part Name Price
Progress Hybrid  (left door, charcoal) 3595.00
Summer Sale -400.00
Bottom Heat Shield Kit  (black) 0
Rear Heat Shield Kit  (charcoal) 0
Ash Lip  (charcoal) 0
Pipe Shield  (charcoal) 0
Shipping Crate 0
Summer Sale Freight 240.00
Total 3435.00

Once they’re added up, we’ll have spent $3939.38 less applicable taxes. And that, my good folks, will be the last money we spend on heating our house. With over half of our 27 acres in old growth hardwoods, we’ll not be lacking for fuel any time soon. When I think back on the big, drafty farmhouse we rented just a couple years ago, I positively beam! Did you know it cost us around $900 a month to heat that beast in the deep winter months? And that was with the entire upstairs closed off, all of us piled into the one downstairs bedroom. Ridiculous. Never again. I am so happy!

In other news, I built some nice doors with critter-proof latches for collecting eggs from the nesting boxes.



I still need to figure out some dividers for the nesting box, work on getting the end gables filled in, and make the two big doors for the eastern and western sides. I’m glad I have all this time to work on it because I am not going nearly as fast as I’d like. It should be ready for our first homestead chickens next spring!

While I am waiting for the inevitable finish, I will be enjoying some mystery bulbs I found sprouting amidst my tools in a forgotten bag. I thought they were delphiniums, but now that they’re coming up I think they might be irises or lillies. What do you think?


I also hauled another 5000 or so pounds of cord wood and whipped it off of our newly fixed trailer onto the ever-increasing piles behind our house site. Let me tell you, as a hopeless arachnophobe, I really had to power through some deep seated fears to work with all this wood. The size of these wood spiders! Holy crow!


I finally got a picture of the shy lizard my son has dubbed Heidi (because it likes to hide). I got to watch him stalk, attack, and eat a grasshopper. Nature is awesome.



And the most important news! This is even better than our wood stove news! Our house – it has a basement!



Later this week we hope to get the plumber and builder to agree on where fittings and pipes will go so the basement floor can be poured. Once that is cured enough, the builder can start framing in the house. YAHOO! Every time I’m up at the land I look at the basement and do a little happy dance.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!