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Yesterday I spent the day entertaining our boys at the local Historical Days festival. We went to a parade in the morning, then spent the afternoon escaping torrential downpours and playing on several inflatable slides and obstacle courses. One of the boys even got to run in a human-sized gerbil ball on water. Fun stuff. We didn’t make it up to the land at all, and the curiosity was killing me! My builder was supposed to start the walls yesterday, you see, and although I knew this day of playing was just what the family needed, I was anxious to see the progress on the house.

This morning dawned, and with it brought the need to go up to the land to pick up the trailer so I could run over to Michigan to grab our new-to-us freezer from my aunt and uncle’s house. I pulled up the driveway, stomach all aflutter, to this…




What a thrill! Not only is the subfloor all finished, but the exterior walls are all up and the interior walls are going up right before my eyes! My son was so excited to finally see where his bedroom is going to be (right in front of where he’s standing, in the northeast corner where the single window is) that he clambered up into the house and ran straight over to it.

We were on a time constraint, however, so we couldn’t stay for long. I snapped a few pictures for the blog, then we took off for Michigan. Several hours later, we came back with the freezer in tow to see this…




Oh, what joy! Nearly a third of the roof trusses had been lifted into place and fastened down. You can actually see the size of the bonus room we’ll have above the bedrooms and bathroom. It’ll be 14’x22′ of usable space running right down the middle. I’m so glad the builder talked us into going this route. That’s a lot of space to waste! I envision a cozy study up there where the kids can do homework and read in peace, I can sew, and my husband can get his fix of whatever geeky computer thing he’s into at the time.







That’s our freezer. The first appliance to go into the house! The ramp will stay there so that I can get our gun safe down there this next week as well. I can already see all of the shelves of home-canned goods lining the walls down there. Oh, I can’t wait! I’m so excited!


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