Today and yesterday I started working on the chicken coop again. I have a pretty long list of things to do to it before winter hits. The house isn’t ready for my tender loving care yet, so the coop is getting all of my attention for now. So far I’ve knocked two items off of my to-do list. The first was to get the hardware cloth put up on the northern gable end.


I will do the same to the southern gable end as well. The coop is surprisingly pleasant in the middle of a hot day. There is adequate ventilation, and the porch on the front keeps the mid-day sun from heating it up through the window. I think our future chooks will be quite pleased with their accommodations.

The next thing on my list was a double door like Mr. Ed was famous for speaking from behind. I’ve never built a door, so it was with a lot of trepidation that I embarked on this project. I figured I would fail miserably. A couple hours later, my builder walks by and says, “Hey! Nice door!”

Must have been doing it right!


My parents stopped by the land today to get a look at the house. While they were there, I enlisted my dad to help me hang the door. That’s him playing peekaboo with the camera. It’s so much easier and faster with two people! The door looks fantastic, and only cost about $20 for the supplies. While I was at Menard’s I also found a back door for the chicken coop for $5. Can’t beat that! It’s an exterior door that’s missing the half window in the middle. I figure I can pop in some trim and hardware cloth and we’ll be set. If it ends up not working, well it’s only $5, and we’ll probably use it somewhere else.



Thanks for the help, Dad!