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As of 7:00pm, the roof trusses are officially UP! While the builder was waiting for his crew to help him with the trusses, he finished getting the sheathing done around the exterior of the house. Still has to get some of the wrap up, but I’m impressed with how fast this is going now that he’s finally up here like clockwork. Look! It’s a house!

The next step is getting the roof materials up. We’ll have a bronze metal roof. I’m dying to know what it will look like when it’s finished. The pictures of the product looked gorgeous! And to go with the bronze roof, we are in the process of choosing paint colors for the house. What do you think?


Me? i’m partial to the lighter one. It matches the tones in some of the trees and greenery around our house. The other one is nice, but I really don’t want to go too green and end up looking like Packer fanatics. Whatever color we go for, I think we’ll do white or off-white for the trim color. And I’m thinking a dark, chocolate brown for the door. The colors we decide upon will grace the chicken coop first as a test run. Menard’s doesn’t do test cans for exterior paints, or I’d already be painting the walls in several shades to see what I like best. Maybe it’s time to try the little local hardware stores for paint?

While the builder was doing his thing, I continued to work on the chicken coop. Here is where I got today.



The coop now has two doors! I had purchased a $5 damaged door from Menard’s the other day, thinking I’d be able to use it as the back door, but altering the frame proved beyond my capability while alone. So I spent another $20 on materials and made one. Fits like a glove. Not sure why the top corner is blocked in the picture. I did pretty good getting it all evenly spaced so it doesn’t rub when it opens and closes. Two doors from a woman who has never in her life made a door before. Not too shabby!


I also trimmed the front door and added some hardware to it to make it more user-friendly. There’s an eye-hook to keep the top propped open. There are also two latches to keep each section shut tight. Two handles make for fewer slivers when trying to open the doors. That reminds me… I need to bring a sander with me one of these times!

Excitement abounds up at our land! You won’t hear much from me after tomorrow because I’ll be heading to Michigan for the weekend, but check back on Monday for another update! Have a great weekend!

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