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Today the house was officially closed up. When I got there this morning, our builder was working on getting the gable ends framed, sheathed, and sealed. Tomorrow he is supposed to install doors and start on the siding. Progress – I love it!





When I left, he was working on the eastern gable. He’s so good at this. Cuts right the first time, then when he puts it up there he’s got it perfectly aligned. Makes what we did on the chicken coop look extremely amateurish. Oh well. We’ll do better on our next building project. The coop doesn’t look bad, I think. As a matter of fact, it has a bit more color now. What do you think of the new, darker shades? I like. I like a lot.




I had to throw in the zoomed out shot. My husband was complaining that I didn’t show the back of the coop enough. There it is, honey! It’ll look a lot better when I have time (and decent weather!) to get the rest of the fence posts dug and set. A little trim around the window and door will help, too.

Today I didn’t do much up at the land. I finished the hardware cloth on the south end of the gable. Then I spent over an hour weed whacking to knock down the growth around the coop. Maybe if I can get the trim and painting done before I start working on the house, I will have time to put up the fencing and a couple of gates.

One more thing to add before I call this post good – my builder made reparations for the pear tree he ran over. He said he felt bad and immediately jumped down to see if he could salvage it. He asked how much it was worth. I told him two years ago we paid $29 for it. He gave me $60. I thanked him. It’s really hard for me to confront people I’m not familiar with when I feel they have wronged me. It was a relief to have him react so kindly. Huge change from how I’ve been treated by certain family members of late when I try to bring up a difficult subject. (You know who you are. Still waiting for you both to grow a conscience…)

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow I will be running down to Green Bay to pick up our woodstove and run some errands. Maybe look at gun safes again if I have enough time. I’ll drop those off at the house tomorrow evening, then Friday I’ll be up there waiting for our appliances to show up. Again. Yeah, they were supposed to be delivered today, but someone screwed up and sent them to the apartment instead of the house site. A phone call straightened it out, but they can’t try to deliver again until Friday. Really hope they can get their truck up our curvy hill. *eep*


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