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That’s what we’ll be hearing when the next rain storm rolls through. I love the sound of rain on a metal roof.



We’ll also hear the gentle pitter patter of rain hitting our siding. One entire side of the house is complete with siding! Gung ho for adventure, I climbed right up on my ladder first thing this morning and started priming the wall. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the picture, our little ladder that could… couldn’t. I think it’s time to get a new, taller ladder. 23′ from ground to peak is going to be fun to paint! Right? Well, that’s what I keep telling myself, but I’m not quite sure I believe me yet.

That's one gallon of primer.

That’s one gallon of primer.

And... one and a half gallons of primer.

And… one and a half gallons of primer.

After I got myself all covered in paint flecks, I decided I wasn’t dirty enough. So I started clearing the land where our garden will be.

My husband stitched together three pictures that I took of the future garden area to make a panoramic. Thanks, hun!

My husband stitched together three pictures that I took of the future garden area to make a panoramic. Thanks, hun!

Then, dirty and bedraggled, and with my arms feeling like rubber, I figured I still had an ounce of strength left for one last task: getting the mineral lick up for the deer. See it? It’s just to the right of the peach tree that died of mysterious causes this summer. The poor tree. I think it was because I put it right in the front where the wind blows strongest. I’ve heard since that peaches like a bit of shelter from the wind. Duly noted, and I’ll plant future ones in the back of the orchard. Anyway, this is a view from our front door. I should easily be able to make that shot with my irons. No scope for this lady. I’m kind of a show off like that.



The past couple days I worked on the chicken coop a bit more and took a couple deliveries. As you can see, I finished the trim and cleared some of the construction debris away from the back of the coop. Yes, I see the slight sag in the roof. We did a bit of cobbling above the door when we didn’t have long enough wood. I’ll be fixing that soon. Easy peasy, just haven’t made time for it with everything else going on.



Our refrigerator and range – my new kitchen wenches. They will serve me well, I think. Unfortunately, the house isn’t to the point where we can install them, so they are calling the chicken coop home for now.


And our other ladies, the wood stove and gun safe, are also up at the land waiting to be unpacked for their debut.


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