Well, the house had a busy weekend. Three men with stilts and ladders and buckets full of plaster attacked it. First they taped and floated the cracks between gypsum sheets and did a very thin layer of plaster to hide the other screws.



It was pretty ugly for a day or so while that was going on. I went through a few bags in the shop vac and wore a shop broom clean through. Messy stuff! Then the first layer of plaster dried and the guys came back raring for more! The second layer of plaster was a bit thicker, and left a fairly smooth pattern on the walls. It’s dry enough to touch already, but still much too wet to paint. I am running the kerosene heater a few hours a day to help it along, and at night the small electric unit is going to maintain a warm-ish temperature.

I went up today and spent a couple hours tidying up, taking pictures, and trying to figure out how to install new door handles on the front and back doors.








I had success with the front door! Then the back door kicked me down and called me names. I sat there for the better part of an hour reading the directions and trying to figure out how to reverse the handles because the back door swings open in the opposite direction, only to find out that once I switched the handles the inner mechanism was thrown off because the lock was now upside down. Ugh! Tomorrow I will tackle that back door handle and I WILL win because I just can’t admit defeat.


I will probably grout the tiles for the wood stove hearth, too, tomorrow. Baby steps to a finished house. So close now I can taste it!