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Today was the deflowering of our virgin goddess of the hearth. She performed flawlessly.



I lit a small fire first, using only a few small pieces of wood. When that had  burned itself out, I lit another small fire, but this one I kept adding little pieces to in order to keep it going at a steady rate.  While that little fire burned, I began painting primer on the interior walls.



By the time I was done with the first bedroom, the fire was ready for some bigger wood. I tossed in a few chunks, then gradually closed the damper to keep the flames under control. Once the top of the stove hit around 350°F according to the thermometer, I engaged the catalyst by closing the bypass in the front. That was very cool! The slow flames seemed to lap at the top of the stove, then it’s like they spread over the ceiling. I wish I could have taken video of it, but it was so light out that most of my pictures and all of my videos showed more reflection than fire. One of these days when I’m there at dusk I’ll try again.

In the meantime, I’ll let you watch this guy’s video. Because it’s just too neat not to watch.

Today I was able to finish priming both bedrooms and about half of the hall. Tomorrow I plan on going up to finish the hall and hopefully get the bathroom and great room done as well. My plumber called this morning and said he’d be up tomorrow to finish all of the piping in the house. He won’t be able to dig the septic until the ground dries up a bit, though. Hopefully next week. We got so much rain that my truck sunk into our new “yard” up to the rear bumper. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!



Just walking back to the wood piles was an adventure. See my foot prints? Our builder is supposed to be making stairs to go up to the front and back doors of the house. I hope they don’t sink as well. It’ll be nice when those are done. Our little step ladder is a mucky mess and I’m so over having to climb into the house like a monkey.

By the way, did you notice the title of the post? I’ve already started thinking of the wood stove as Hestia. Fitting name, I think.

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