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This is just a little blip to show our cabinet-maker what we were envisioning for our kitchen.

We like the color and style of these cabinets. A nice, medium brown tone. I don’t want a blue island, even though I’m pretty sure my husband is a bit in love with the one in the picture. For now, we’ll stick with the same wood as the rest of the kitchen, and we can argue about paint later. Our island will also be all one level instead of a bi-level.


For those of you who are curious what our kitchen specifically will look like, here’s another preview:

Kitchen 1

The builder actually put in a much bigger window than we had planned, but we’re working around that. I had a thought for the cabinets above the stove just now. Maybe we could attach the wing cabinets straight to the middle ones that sit directly above the stove so that the middle ones can attach to studs and support the whole load. Or, instead of having wing cabinets we could just stretch out the middle ones to the edges and put a small shelf on the bottom corner on each side of the stove to give the wing cabinet effect.

Just ideas. My husband is searching for the perfect cabinet pulls still. I’ll come back and edit this when we decide. I don’t think he likes my ideas. 🙂

Edited to add – I think we found our pulls! This first one will be on the cabinet doors –



And this 3″ center-to-center pull for the drawers –


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