We now have a finished ceiling in the house! Yay! It’s just gorgeous, isn’t it?




I have been slowly getting the rest of the flooring in, too. Between cleaning and stacking the last bit of wood, I’ve done about half of the great room.







I’ve been experimenting with cooking on the cooktop of our new Progress Hybrid wood stove. It worked really well, though my camping dutch ovens with the legs aren’t quite as efficient as a flat-bottom one would be. They warmed the soup up nicely, but it wouldn’t come to a boil.  I’m thinking a pretty enameled cast iron dutch oven might go on my Christmas list this year…



And we got our first sticky snow of the season. Booo! I’m really hoping it can hold off just a couple weeks more so I can finish the inside of the house enough to move in. Here’s a picture of the little snow-dusted wood box I built next to the back porch. I’m pretty sure it’ll hold at least a week worth of wood, if not more. I’ve been trying to use up all the wonky shaped pieces I left in a pile next to all the stacked wood, so I have been sort of neglecting the box.




Tomorrow I’m shipping the boys off to Nana & Papa’s house for a couple days so I can work on the house uninterrupted. Then we’ll all meet up again on Wednesday night to start preparing for Thanksgiving. This year I have two turkeys to cook because I had thought to send them to my husband in Afghanistan so he could deep fry them for all of his buddies. Well, the lady at the post office wasn’t very specific when I asked her about shipping turkeys in dry ice. She conveniently forgot to mention that it’s okay to ship inside the US, but as soon as that turkey heads to another country, dry ice becomes a hazardous material. So my husband didn’t get turkey, but he’s got a 50 pound box of other goodies on the way to help him celebrate. Love you to the moon and back, hun!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!