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Last Thursday, the county inspector came out and handed over our certificate of occupancy after she performed the final inspection on the house. Yay! This past weekend was a blur of boxes and flying furniture and appliances and STUFF. As of Saturday, the 14th, we are now full-time occupants of the house that has taken forever and a day to build. We have a new home just in time for Christmas!

One of the side effects of moving is that some things get lost or forgotten. Guess what got packed up who-knows-where and has yet to resurface again? If you guessed my poor old camera, you’re right. In the mean time, you’ll just have to be satisfied with these really grainy pictures from my webcam. I promise, I’ll get some better pictures soon.

We’ll start off with a picture of our closet doors. Yeah… haven’t gotten around to installing them yet. In the next few weeks, I’ll get it done. Wait until you see what I do with the bedroom closet doors…



Then, a lovely picture of our make-shift kitchen. Our cabinet-maker should be bringing the cabinets up mid-January. Until then, I’m using book shelves, cardboard boxes, and a camping table. I can’t wait to get the kitchen finished! I haven’t made homemade bread in about two months now since I’ve been in flux.



Next up is a picture of the sparse living room. It’s missing one crucial element for Christmas, but we’ll remedy that this weekend. There’s a great farm up the road where we got one from last year. Nice old gent who runs it, friendly as the day is long.



Gosh, these pictures really are horrible. Anyway, here’s a picture of Hestia, the little beast of a wood stove. She’s kept us warm without fail, and cooked a few meals to boot!



And finally, our dining set was brought up on the first trip so we have a place for family meals. I’m big on getting the family together around the table at least once a day. Here, my boys are digging into a breakfast-for-supper.



I still have a lot to do to the house. Tomorrow I think I will finally finish the tiles in the shower, then I have to wait 24 hours to grout. Then I have to wait 24 hours to seal the grout. It’s turning out just gorgeous! I can’t wait to show off my skills with tiles yet again.

What’s left to do on the house? This winter I have to finish all the interior trim. I have to install jambs in the closets, then install the bifold doors on all three closets. I have to make some doors for our small linen closet in the hall. I have to finish the tiles behind Hestia, then build a wooden backing for the top. I’m thinking of putting up some hooks for hanging my cast iron from so it’s always ready for me. I have to finish painting the clouds and starscapes in the boys’ bedrooms. I have to install a washer and dryer, and somehow figure out how to put in a dryer vent. I have to help my step-father-in-law get the kitchen in. I have to measure, cut, and pre-paint the trim for the exterior of the house so it’s all ready to install after I paint the house next spring. I have to order seeds for the garden and get them started inside early. I have to order chicks. I have to order more trees to plant in our growing orchard, and more blueberries/raspberries to plant at our farm next door. I have to order and put together at least two bee hives, then find a source for nucs or swarms.

In between all of this, I’ll be sledding with the boys on our big hill next to the orchard, baking lovely goodies for our friends and neighbors, playing board games with the kiddos, and spending as much time as I can with loved ones. Not a moment goes by when I’m not thankful. I am overflowing with thanks for all of the good things in my life right now! The only thing missing is my husband. He’s coming back in a few weeks on R&R, then he goes back again until April or June. It’ll be so nice to have him here again. I miss him!

So… what are you up to this winter?

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