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It’s -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, not including windchill. To warm-weather folks, this might sound like a nightmare, but to us it has been just another winter day in northern Wisconsin. We are, to quote my five year old son, roasty-toasty warm inside our house. The fire is blazing in Hestia, our beautiful goddess of the hearth, and our stomachs are filled with homemade goodies. We’ve stayed inside except to collect wood from the wood piles out back. There’s really no reason for us to go outside since we don’t have animals yet and it hasn’t snowed recently.

I’ve kept busy cleaning, baking, organizing the monumental heaps of STUFF everywhere, and building shelves. The past two days I worked on the closet in the boys’ room. I still need to paint it and make two drawers, but at least their clothes are up off the floor and I can actually walk through their room. My next project in there is to go through their toys and figure out which ones are going to Goodwill, which are getting boxed up in the attic, and which are going into totes in their closet.



I have also been busy planning our garden for this coming summer. I ordered over $100 in seeds from Baker Creek, and a good assortment of grains and herbs from Sustainable Seed Company. I’m looking forward to all of the greens of spring! I’ll post more on my seed selection in future blogs.

While I’ve been working on getting the house in order, our cabinet-maker (I’m not really sure what title to give him – he is the father of my husband’s step-dad) has been working his buns off getting our kitchen cabinets built. He sent us a teaser picture to show us his progress…



They. Are. STUNNING! The color is perfect, and they look exactly as my husband drew them up. I can’t wait to see what they look like in the house and to give their maker a HUGE hug for all the work he has put into them. If I’m not mistaken, these are the cabinets that will make up our large island.

I know, y’all are dying to see more updates, but I still haven’t found my camera. The pictures I take are all on my ipod, and they’re pretty grainy. I will update a lot more once I find it, and once we have some semblance of order in the house. Until then, stay warm and enjoy this glorious winter we’re having!

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