This weekend we will all be setting our clocks an hour ahead in preparation for the long days of summer, but does it really feel like spring has sprung?


Hmm. I’m thinking that’s a no.

Indoors, it is starting to feel a bit more green, however! Look at all the peppers taking off!



Did you notice anything about the clarity of the pictures? Mrs. Atheist Homesteader got a new point and click camera. šŸ™‚



Those are my fuzzy little Ping Tung eggplants. Once they get a few true leaves each, I’ll space them out one per pot. For now, their roots won’t get too tangled.

I planted five onion varieties and one leek variety two days ago. Already today I can see a few little green hair-like protrusions in the soil. Next week I plan on starting the tomatoes, rice, celery, and maybe some brassicas. Cross your fingers for me that the snow all melts quickly so I can get these plants into the garden soon!

Lastly, an update on our wood stove. I am finally finished with it. Just stained the last of the surrounding wood, and cleaned up some of my cast iron to put on display. What do you think?