We are a family that strongly believes in trying to do as much as we can without incurring debt. I wrote about this before, in Better Than I Deserve, which remains one of my most popular posts to this day. Our original plans with the new house were to build as we go with cash, but unfortunately, even the best laid plans go awry. Thankfully, however, we have been able to continue on our journey to being debt free in other areas. Today I was able to finally pay off the last student loan I incurred getting my BA. Also today, we are paying off the last of the extraneous debt we incurred during this house build (finishing materials on credit and a small loan to finish the plumbing). After today, we will be for all intents and purposes debt free.

The mortgage is still there, but seeing as I’m not even 30 yet, I think we’re still pretty far ahead of the curve. The mortgage will be gone in time.

This is a good day.