Yesterday I drove down to Green Bay to pick out the slab of granite that will transform into our kitchen counter tops. This is the one! It is being cut this week and will be installed Friday. Exciting! We might finally have a finished kitchen soon!



I am burned out working on the house, so I’ve started a new project. I find myself surrounded by pregnant friends lately, and perhaps this is a bit of a give away but I’m going to show the pattern that I came up with because I really like it. Here is part of the first blanket. The best part.



I enjoy being able to hand craft such treasures for my friends and loved ones. For many years I did a quilt for someone different each year, starting way back in college. My first quilt was a California king size quilt for my parents. I had to use an empty classroom to piece it together it was so big! The only person I missed was my brother, and he’s decided to erase himself from my life so I’ll probably never get to make him one. I skipped the past couple years because all of my quilting stuff was packed in boxes. I’ll make up for it now – I’ve four preggers friends!

Hope y’all are enjoying this spring. Still waiting on our snow to melt. If you think about it, go outside and blow some of that warm weather north for us!