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Today was just about the shittiest day I could imagine for driving, with an inch of ice covered by a few inches of slippery, wet snow. But that didn’t stop The Granite Company from delivering and installing our brand new kitchen counters! Check it out! The kitchen is nearly complete…


I have to get the faucet back on, but since I’m not supposed to use it for 24 hours anyway, there’s no hurry. And, yes, I still need to finish up the window trim that my husband started when he was home on R&R last. I did get one other thing done in the kitchen before the counter top guys got here. Can you see it? I installed all of the new pulls. They’re very pretty. Like little square sections of a metal braid.

We still haven’t decided on a back splash. Everyone who comes over says that tiles would look nice there. I don’t know. I’m somewhat burned out on tiling after doing the entire bathroom and hearth. What do y’all think? Should we even bother with a back splash? If so, what do you think would look nice?


I tackled the faucet and wrestled it into submission. I am woman with a wrench – hear me RAAAAWR!


Then I cleaned up the kitchen to bring you the following shots. Please know that this is probably the cleanest y’all will ever see my kitchen. I’m not obsessive compulsive about cleaning, though I should be with a house this great. Tidy is about all I can manage on a day to day basis.

Again, I still need to finish the window trim. I’ll get to it someday.



I’m learning so much building this house. I never would have thought I could lay flooring or make trim or tile an entire bathroom! I have learned how to wire outlets, lights, and fans. I have installed an awesome faucet. I’m seriously feeling pretty full of myself. I hope this doesn’t mean something is about to go terribly wrong.

And to top all this goodness off, my plants are screaming toward the ceiling. They are out of control.




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