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This morning I went to my third farmer’s market in Menominee, Michigan. I had yet another successful day, and got to chat with more of the vendors. We were outside for the first time of the season – not by choice. All morning the clouds kept rolling in to cover the sun, rain spit on us intermittently, and it was windy as all get out. I forgot my coat and an umbrella and all sorts of stuff, but my boys had fun playing in the van with their toys and setting up a hotwheels track to fling cars out into the pathway. Despite the crappy weather, I enjoyed myself. One of the other vendors loaned me a blanket, and one gave me her jacket. I’m so glad we moved to this area. There are so many wonderful people!

When the market closed up, we headed over to a nursery just outside of Peshtigo to check out their fruit trees. A little bird told me that they would all be potted up by Saturday. Yikes! They had hundreds! I’m interested in getting a few more cherry trees, but after talking with a few of the nursery workers who have cherry trees, I’m not so sure. This winter was extremely cold, and although cherry trees are rated well for zone 5 (which is our zone), many of them died because of the insanely low temperatures. I have to think about this a bit more. At $35 per tree, that’s no small investment for something that might up and die on us if we have another coldtastic winter.

After we got home, the sun came out and the wind wasn’t as bad. The boys and I went to work on the garden fence, getting eight holes dug and seven of the posts tamped into place. They were such good helpers. My oldest even helped tamp a few of the posts in using our heavy breaker bar. They’re getting so big!


Yes, each of those posts are 8′ long. Can you tell where I ran into an impossibly large rock in each hole? Haha! Damn things. Going to be really fun when I till it the first time. At least I was able to get each hole a minimum of 21″ deep. I plan on eventually having an odd assortment of bird houses nailed to the top of each post in the garden, so I probably won’t cut them all even. I like the character.  No, the posts aren’t in a straight line. They are following the curve at the top of our driveway. Someday I would like to have a sort of hedge between the garden and driveway. It would act as a really good drift fence in the winter so the snow I shovel doesn’t jump right back into the driveway.

Anyway, eight holes done means I only have 33 left to dig! Woohoo! I should be able to hand dig these all this week if the weather stays nice. I need to run into town and pick up some concrete to get the corner posts set. I was going to rent an auger to get all the holes dug in one day, but I think I can handle this. Now that the solid week of rain storms is over.

Here’s a little graphic I made of the garden area as I have it marked out. Section A is the chicken run. I will have a door going right into the garden from the run so I can let the girls stir it up in the spring and fall. Section B is going to be a heavily mulched partition where all of my perennial soft fruits will go. I went overboard and bought two of each of just about every soft fruit bush that Stark Bros sells. The yellow line is where our electric line runs. Because I have a deep mistrust of their “12 inch depth,” I am going to follow the line with 4′ wide raised beds (in black) so I don’t accidentally dig into the line. Section C is the main, annual vegetable garden, with perennial flowers and herbs lining the fence so I don’t have to worry about continually tilling all those angles. Section D will be where I plant a cover crop of buckwheat, some clover, and some of my other grains. Eventually I’d like to move the grains to the lush bottom of our southern hill.



So that’s it for today. Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

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