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Yesterday I was able to get several more holes dug and filled with new posts. I am over halfway done with them, halfway through the week. We had some good thunderstorms roll through today, but if the weather picks up tomorrow and Friday I should be able to finish all of the posts by Friday. I won’t fence it in until next week when my husband is home. I fenced in the chicken run by myself and it wasn’t easy. Four hands are definitely better than two.



See all the new trees in the chicken run? We got two more honeycrisp apples, two purple plums, and four cherry trees. The boys also brought home two unknown trees from school for Arbor Day. They’re fine in the pots for a couple days until I have time to dig holes and get some protective fencing up around them. The deer here will eat a tree down to a nub in one night… hence the fenced-in chicken run.

I bought ┬áthe new fruit trees at a local nursery. There was an older woman there who I got to talking with, and she remarked on how many trees I bought. I told her this was nothing, in a few weeks I have a few dozen more on the way and hundreds of plants to get into the garden. She was taken aback and said, “Well, that sounds a lot like work!”

Yes. Yes, it does.

I love this life in the country, work and all!

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