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Monday night we got a text from my husband saying that he caught a flight and would land in Green Bay at 10:40pm. Yay! We loaded up around our usual bedtime and didn’t get back until after 1am, but it was worth it to finally be a whole family again. We’re so glad to have Daddy home for good!

As soon as we were all up and around on Tuesday, we got to work outside. We got all eight new fruit trees planted, though we still have to finish the fencing around four. If you have ever wondered how to protect fragile new trees from deer, here’s the big secret – a good fence. I’ve heard all sorts of tall tales about how to keep the deer at bay: hair clippings, human or coyote urine, soap, pepper spray, cd’s hanging, motion sensor sprinklers or lights… they’re all bunk. Just go out and get yourself two 8′-tall 2×4’s and rip them up the middle so you have four 2×2’s. Then staple some chicken wire a couple feet up. That’s it. Simple as that, and you don’t have to worry for years. No more peeing on your trees after every rain. No more lights flashing on and off all night long. We’ve used this for all 25 trees in our orchard and the only tree we’ve lost was due to a bulldozer gone wild. No advice on keeping wild bulldozers out of your trees, sorry.


My husband is halfway through installing gutters on our house. As soon as he’s done with the gutters and our plumber has come out to clean up the atrocious mess above the septic system, we’ll be able to seed the mud all around the house with grass seed.

The boys have enlisted Daddy to do BB gun practice and sparklers. They’ve been bringing Daddy homemade cards and little gifts. It’s all kinds of adorable. They’re stoked that he’s home.


Things are really starting to green up all over outside. The delphinium and sedum are already a few inches tall. I got them all trimmed of last years growth, so they’re ready to rock.



Yesterday I finished tilling the future soft fruit patch and built a large raised bed to house the 120 strawberry plants I have coming in soon. I might toss in some perennial herbs, too, if there’s room. I used some of the leftover landscaping posts and some rebar I scavenged free to build the beds. I’ll do the end by the fence with large stones from around the land. I put all of the rotted wood from around the garden space in the bottom of the beds because I’ve read it’s good for raised beds. Hugelkultur or something like that. I didn’t have enough rotting wood to fill the bottom, but some is better than none, I guess.


Today I helped my husband plant the fruit trees, then went back to work tilling the little garden patch that I had started the other day. Guess what I found a lot of?



I eventually had to stop because I threw the sheer pin on the tiller. I was sore, tired, and dirty anyway. It was a good excuse to call it a day. I got almost the entire section done. Maybe if it’s nice tomorrow I’ll row it up and plant out the taters. We’re still getting cold nights. It snowed over at my parents’ house today. Yep… still not time to plant this jungle of peppers and tomatoes residing in our living room.


See the three little bamboo stakes sticking up from the tilled dirt? That is where I encountered three rocks bigger than my head. Yet another thing to do tomorrow – dig those suckers up. Pretty sure that last one nearest the tiller is the culprit that broke my sheer pin. The joys of busting sod.

That’s it for now. Hope y’all have a good weekend. Come see me at the Menominee VFW Post on Saturday from 9am-noon at the farmer’s market if you’re in the area! I’ll have peppers, herbs, celery, and some flowers for sale.


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