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This morning we began the day by pacing out the greenhouse. I think we’ve decided on 30’x8′, with a 10′ wall in the back and a 3′ wall in the front. There will be room for 2′ deep shelving along 25′ of the front and back. The extra 5′ on the end will be the entrance. Our excavator gave us a very reasonable quote to dig it all out, and my husband estimated all of the concrete. In all, it will cost us about $1500 to get dug out and framed in concrete walls. After that, we’ll probably use plastic and improvised wood framing the first year. We’ll eventually look into something more sturdy and permanent like used patio doors, windows, or plastic panels.

After we got the stakes in the ground for that and tried starting to dig it ourselves (Haha! Yeah… it’s all rock and clay. Not gonna happen.), we decided to work in the garden. We finished filling the raised bed using topsoil from the grassy area at the bottom of our hill. The soil is BEAUTIFUL down there. Little to no rocks, and it’s just black about a foot down. Below that is red sand, which mixed in to make a very nice planting soil for the raised bed. It took 10 trailer loads to fill this behemoth raised bed.


With that done, I asked my husband to help me by digging out a few large rocks I ran into with the tiller in the vegetable patch. The first one was head-sized, so I figured the others would be easy. A couple hours later, my husband pulls this out with the truck and some tow cable.


It was so big we couldn’t easily get rid of it, so I asked him to put it in the island of our circle driveway. It looks nice there, I think. The boys are having fun climbing it, and I’m sure I’ll have fun planting flowers all around it once I get rid of the perennials I dumped there last year.


The boys finally joined us in the garden as I was rowing up the potato section of the garden. We got two little rows of red potatoes and two rows of russets in. I have extra seed potatoes that I’ll probably give away or sell at the market. Any takers? One 5 pound bag of each.


You can see just beyond the tilled section a tree on it’s side. My husband yanked that out after he pulled the big boulder. Thanks, hun!

We have lots of projects yet before summer truly gets here. We have to paint the house, get the welded wire fence and gates up around the garden, and finish tilling the rest of the vegetable patch. Our soft fruits should get here next week. I’m so glad we didn’t procrastinate on that raised bed! That was a lot of work.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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