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Today I planted around 300 white onions of two different varieties – Stuttgarter and Bianca di Maggio. I still have a lot left. I’m getting 7-20 onions from each cell, and I planted 18 cells in each of the 6 onion varieties. Holy moly. I have a feeling I’ll be selling or giving away more than a few.


I also planted out 19 cauliflowers and 6 broccoli. There’s a bit of room left at the end of that row, so I’m thinking I’ll get some beet seeds going there. So, starting at the left, we have four rows of potatoes, one row of onions, one row of cauliflower/broccoli/beets, and the next row will be more onions. If I have time today I’ll start tilling up the cabbage patch so I can get those in soon. I still have a lot of extra cabbage plants to get rid of. Hoping I can sell them all off at the next farmer’s market. I don’t have room for all those cabbages.

After I was done planting all of that, I started making some tomato cages out of concrete reinforcing mesh that my husband picked up for me from Menard’s. These cages are going to be sturdy and tall enough for even the most vigorous growing tomatoes. The rolls of mesh are 5′ tall by 150′ long. I cut them every 9 squares, or 4.5′. Then I finagle the cut ends around the edge of the other side to make a tube and push on it until it’s circular. It only takes a couple minutes to make each one, but it’s playing hell on my fingers with all of the pulling and twisting. My husband got three rolls, but I think we’ll only need two. If we don’t need the last one, I can either return it or make more cages and sell them. What do you think? Would people buy these tomato cages versus the crappy ones at the stores?


As I was working on those, the FedEx truck came barreling up our driveway. I think he was used to coming in the winter time when you’ve really gotta give it some gas to make it up all the ice. The driver got out and handed me a box from Stark Bros Nursery. Yay! This is only the first shipment of plants, but it was the one I was looking forward to the most – strawberries! I got 50 each of Earliglo, Eversweet, and Surecrop to make 150 plants total. They fit perfectly in the raised bed I built with enough room to spare for my chives and a sweet little guard turtle.



I also got two aronia berry plants and three American cranberry plants in the box, but I’m going to wait to plant those until the rest of my shipment comes in, hopefully tomorrow. I want to be able to lay everything out just right in the soft fruit patch. I’m going to have my own soft fruit patch! I’m still stunned every day at how many of our dreams are finally coming true thanks to our hard work and perseverance. We’ve worked a decade to pay off our debt, buy our land, build out house, and make it into a homestead. It’s finally all coming together, and it feels so good! If you are on a similar journey, good luck. You CAN accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

I came inside to take a break to share all of our progress with y’all and to escape the ticks and mosquitoes. Yikes, are there a lot of them out! I can’t wait for my guinea keets to arrive in a week so I can get them out on bug patrol ASAP! Now I suppose I should get back out to finish up some more tomato cages and maybe till some more if I have time. ¬†Toodles!

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