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I was just forwarded this fantastic story, and wanted to pass it on. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to wish this little guy a happy birthday!


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Today I am thirty years old. Yep.

Other big news on the homestead – my husband has worked hard nearly every day until sun down on the shed. It’s pretty much done now, just needs some paint. The picture was taken before he got both doors up. It’s nice to have a place for all of our tools and equipment finally. Good job, honey!



The garden is growing, growing, growing! Potatoes are nearly ready to turn over and harvest. There are hundreds of green tomatoes waiting to ripen, the strawberries are giving us a bowl a day, and the peas are just starting to flower. My rice took an initial hit in the paddy after a rain storm, but some of it looks to be bouncing back. I’ve harvested peppers and basil by the buckets already. I took our first broccoli the other day. The 3 sisters that I planted nearly two weeks after I planted the rest of the corn, beans, and squash are now twice as large as the individually planted ones. I never would have guessed 3 sisters planting was THIS MUCH better! It’s blowing my mind.






Aside from working in the garden and cleaning up, I’ve also been working on finishing the chicken coop. The chicks are all feathered out and growing like weeds. Just look at how big they are already! They’re nearly the size of a normal chicken. I wish I had a scale I could weigh them on. I’m guessing they’re around 6-7 pounds, which is about half of what their final weight should be. I can tell the cocks by their forming wattles, and by the fact that they are already starting to size each other up and do the little jumping-neck-stretch-poofy-feather thing at each other. No crowing yet. They are enjoying being let out into their run every day to catch bugs and eat greens. They’ve got little paths all throughout the tall grass. While they play outside, I have insulated and boarded over half of the walls. Last night I put up a large roost for them. Even the guineas were coming up to me and peeping lovingly after they tried out the roost – and they NEVER act friendly, the skittish little goofs. Guess that means they like it.


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