Every three days I go out and pick whatever looks nearly ripe from the garden, then I let it sit on the counter for at least a day to ripen. Why do I pick before they’re ripe? Because if I wait for them to ripen on the vine, they split from over saturation. We have had rain every day, sometimes multiple times a day or even all day long, for the past two weeks. The ground doesn’t know what it is to be dry anymore.



This morning I made salsa since I had an abundance of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers. The only thing in my salsa that wasn’t raised in our garden was the garlic – and next year we’ll have our own garlic, too!


Yesterday I canned up some grape jelly. It came out a really pretty color. I used about five pounds of green grapes and one pound of red.


The garden is exploding from all of the rain. Our sunflowers are finally out, though it’ll be a couple weeks before all of the florets are pollinated and we see seeds forming. As you can see, the bees are hard at work making that a reality.




I planted a few bulb and annual flowers along the periphery of the garden. They did okay for their first year. Next year I hope they come back even more full and vibrant. I love the colors!



Veggies in the garden are doing well, too. The 3 sisters plantings are taking off, though it might be too little too late. As you can see, the squash and pumpkins are just now flowering. I am seeing a lot of male flowers, but very few female flowers. It’s up in the air whether or not we get anything from them this year. The sun was setting as I took the picture, hence the yellow leaves. They’re all really healthy, green plants in normal lighting.


The cilantro, dill, and basils are taking off so much I’m having a hard time keeping them picked.





The leeks and onions are kind of wimpy. Next year I’ll start them another 4 weeks earlier and fertilize them more earlier on.



The few rice plants that survived transplanting into the paddy are bushing out well. No idea if I’ll get anything from them, but it was a fun experiment. Next year I plan on a bigger, better paddy with aeration. I’ll do the goldfish again, too. There are still two living of the initial 10 I put in there. One of them is actually pretty big. Maybe we’ll bring him in for the winter to live on the countertop. We just had a fantastic storm blow through before the picture, so the water is really murky.


The cabbages are swollen like pregnant bellies sticking up from the mud. It’s nearly harvest time for all 50+ of them. Anyone need some in the local area? I’ll probably give a lot away.



The tomatoes are kicking ass. Lots of them coming ripe every day.





Yes, the weeds have overtaken much of the garden, but I’m not worried. I blame the rain, and the fact that I’ve been too lazy to weed. We’re at the end of the season, so it’s all going to get ravaged by the hungry chickens soon anyway. They’re raring to get going in the garden. Every time I open their run door, they beeline for it and I have to slam it quickly. So, because I can’t talk about these funny birds without showing pictures… I’ll let them close up this blog entry. Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend!